Grant projects

Joint grant projects of IKEM, IOCB, and IPHYS researchers


Effect of mechanical loading on development and maintenance of arrhythmogenic substrate in the atria (AZV, NU21-02-00402, 2021–2024, IKEM+IPHYS)

Neuropeptide FF-2 receptor as a potential anti-obesity target: Impact of new analogs of RFamide peptides (GAČR, 21-03691S, 2021–2023, IOCB+IPHYS)


Delineating the mechanisms that regulate specific NMDA receptor subtypes in mammalian neurones (GAČR, 20-12420S, 2020–2022; IPHYS+IOCB)

IdENtIfication of factors influencing adherence to pharmacotherapy in patients with type 2 diabetes using untarGeted MetAbolomics (ENIGMA) (AZV, NU20-01-00186, 2020–2023; IPHYS+IKEM)

Role of the cytoplasmic domain of the NMDA receptor for its biogenesis, function, and pharmacology: Focus on disease-associated mutations (GAČR, 20-17945S, 2020–2022; IPHYS+IOCB)

Affinity capillary electrokinetic methods for selective analysis of biopolymers and metabolites and for study of their interactions (GAČR, 20-03899S, 2020–2022; IOCB+IPHYS)

Obesity, diabetes and neurodegeneration crosstalk: New therapeutic potential of prolactinreleasing peptide analogs (GAČR, 20-00546S, 2020–2022; IOCB+IPHYS)


Bioartificial cardiovascular patches and vessels from porcine collagen reinforced with nano/microfibers using stem cells and dynamic culture (AZV, NV19-02-00068, 2019–2022; IKEM+IPHYS, IRSM, CTU)

The role of epicardial fat, subclinical inflammation and novel lipid signalling molecules in the onset and development of heart failure (AZV, NV19-02-00118, 2019–2022; IKEM+IPHYS)

Molecular mechanisms of allosteric modulation of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors by neurosteroids and cholesterol (GAČR, 19-05318S, 2019–2021; IPHYS+IOCB)

Complex analysis of protective actions of empagliflozin on metabolic parameters and cardiorenal damage in experimental non-diabetic hypertension (GAČR, 19-06199S, 2019–2021; IPHYS+IKEM)

Personalized Medicine – Diagnostics and Therapy (TAČR, TN01000013, 2019–2022; IOCB+IPHYS)


New materials for cardiovascular surgery based on modified decellularized tissues (AZV, NV18-02-00422, 2018–2021; IKEM+IPHYS)

The role of renin-angiotensin system in the pathophysiology of myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury: preclinical study in animal models (AZV, NV18-02-00014, 2018–2021; IKEM+IPHYS)

The role of renal dysfunction in the progression of congestive heart failure and its potential clinical implications: preclinical studies in animal models (AZV, NV18-02-00053, 2018–2021; IKEM+IPHYS)

Lipidized analogs of prolactin-releasing peptide as potential agents for obesity therapy: search for mechanism of action (GAČR, 18-10591S, 2018–2020; IOCB+IPHYS)

Role of white adipose tissue in the thernogenic response (GAČR, 18-04483S, 2018–2020; IPHYS+IOCB)

New multibinding (pseudo)stationary phases for chromatographic and electromigration separations of (bio)molecules (GAČR, 18-02597S, 2018–2020; UCT+IPHYS, IOCB)

Identification of new molecules that are able to interact with allosteric binding sites on purinergic P2X receptors (GAČR, 18-05413S, 2018–2020; IPHYS+IOCB)


Mechanisms of right ventricular dysfunction in chronic heart failure (AZV, 17-28784A, 2017–2020; IKEM+IPHYS)